The Trust Company of Oxford™

The Trust Company of Oxford can serve as a critical partner to plan and execute the strategies you employ to protect and pass on the wealth you have worked so hard to amass.

Working with The Trust Company of Oxford, you craft the trust management structure so that you are taking advantage of the professional expertise you need with the family specific information necessary to ensure the flexibility and protection you want the trust to provide.

We enjoy working with multigenerational members of your family to help you preserve your family’s resources for generations to come. The sustainability of Oxford Financial Group, Ltd. and The Trust Company of Oxford, built into the firm’s own succession plan, ensures we will be there to partner with your family in the growth and protection of your family legacy.

The Trust Company of Oxford provides you with:

Trustee Services >

Professional trustee services provide the successful execution critical to achieving the goals of your asset transfer and protection plans.

Other Fiduciary Roles >

Trustee and Personal Representative roles are only part of the professional services you might need to ensure flawless execution of your asset transfer and asset protection plans.

Professional Fees >

Oxford employs the same commitment to independent, unbiased trust services to meet your family’s needs as our other offerings. Our fees are explicit and published and correlate closely to investment advisory fees Oxford employs for investment advice.

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