Private Family Services of Oxford®

Private Family Services of Oxford provides clients a professional, confidential financial and administrative support system that serves much like a home family office.

You have worked hard to achieve your success, and the Private Family Services of Oxford team wants to help you enjoy your success doing what you treasure the most, not spending your time paying bills, tracking expenses or filing documents.

Our team is a dedicated group of CPAs, MBAs and highly experienced accounting and administrative professionals. You are matched with the appropriate Private Family Services team member to fit your specific needs and who works closely with your Managing Director and Client Service team to provide the unparalleled service you have come to expect from Oxford. This professional, confidential support system will allow you to focus on what matters most, whether it’s your business, additional family time, philanthropic pursuits or extensive travel.

Services offered by Private Family Services of Oxford are as diverse as our clients. A suite of services is developed for each client to manage specific needs and preferences. Services may be extended to clients’ children or parents. 

Personal Financial Support

Private Family Services of Oxford provides the personal financial support you need when juggling multiple properties and household staff.

Administrative Support

Private Family Services of Oxford helps you stay on top of your personal obligations while ensuring your home and family office is running smoothly.

Family Entity Support

Private Family Services of Oxford can assist with governing your family entity(ies).

Philanthropic Support

Clients often enjoy sharing their success through various donations to charities or organizations that align with their values.