Professional Fees

As a fiduciary, Oxford is truly a fee-only financial advisor.

Oxford is exclusively compensated by our clients. Oxford does not sell products and we do not receive any commissions, 12b-1 fees, incentive fees or have any revenue-sharing arrangements with third parties. We have no affiliations or financial arrangements with third parties that might distort our objectivity or present conflicts of interest, nor do we sell insurance or other products.

We are committed to the communities and clients we serve and take pride in the independence, objectivity and the thoughtful counsel we offer families and institutions that entrust us with their capital. Our desire is to keep focused on this great legacy for generations two, three, four and beyond. This commitment is unwavering, so you can rest assured future generations will have the same independent and conflict-free counsel you receive today.

Investment Philosophy

In the pursuit of achieving your wealth objectives, we are committed to managing portfolio risks, avoiding conflicts of interest and pursuing innovative private market strategies.

Manager Selection

Oxford’s dedicated investment team reviews hundreds of opportunities annually and employs a best-in-class due diligence process, combining a breadth of sourcing with extensive research to help ensure we partner with top investment managers.

Private Market Solutions

Oxford has a decades-long commitment and proven track record of investing in Diversifiers and Aspirational Private Market Solutions such as growth equity, buyouts, secondaries, niche credit, real estate and real assets.

Mayfair Capital Partners™

Mayfair Capital Partners (MCP) makes direct private equity investments on behalf of its underlying LP base, Oxford Financial Group, Ltd. and its clients.

Oxford Investment Fellows®

As a client of Oxford you work with two Managing Directors supported by our highly experienced and credentialed investment team, the Oxford Investment Fellows.

Professional Fees

Oxford is a true fee-only financial advisor and has been for over 43 years.