Co-Fiduciary and Fee-Only Business Model

Oxford embraces fiduciary responsibility in all of our client engagements.

Since Oxford is registered as an investment advisor with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, and because we only charge hard dollar fees for serving as an advisor to your Investment Committee, we are deemed to be a full fiduciary. That means we share in the same responsibilities and liability as your Investment Committee members.

Because of potential conflicts of interest that arise from investment revenue sharing, compensation arrangements and other issues related to advisors with related money management and other services, Oxford believes it is essential to separate the role of fiduciary investment advisor from money management. For example, banks and brokerage firms that not only offer committee advisory services but also manage money for plan participants by including proprietary mutual funds in the plan investment menu introduce a serious conflict of interest into your relationship. We do not believe that simply avoiding proprietary products sold by your advisor is a sufficient solution. Instead, a separation of investment advisory services and mutual fund management should occur at the business model level to best safeguard participant interests. Oxford will serve only as your advisor, never in a mutual fund management role since we sponsor no products.

401(k), 403(b) and Participant-Directed Retirement Plans

Oxford has more than 31 years of experience creating sophisticated, long-term financial solutions that are highly tailored to your individual needs.

Committee-Directed Pension Plans

Your dedicated Oxford service team advises your Board as a co-fiduciary advisor.

Endowments and Foundations

Oxford serves many leading charitable organizations as a co-fiduciary advisor.

Co-Fiduciary and Fee-Only Business Model

Oxford embraces fiduciary responsibility in all of our client engagements.

Retirement Plan Expertise

We have helped dozens of clients evaluate the cutting edge of retirement benefit options and plan construction.

Specialized Service Team

Your Oxford service team includes Managing Directors, Oxford Investment Fellows®, Client Relationship Managers, an Executive Assistant and a Meeting Planner.

Approach to Plan Investment

Our investment approach focuses on three primary areas: investment menu design, investment manager selection and monitoring and total cost benchmarking.

Investment Policy Statement Development

Oxford has substantial experience in developing Investment Policy Statements (IPS).