Trustee Services

Professional trustee services provide the successful execution critical to achieving the goals of your asset transfer and protection plans.

Understanding the responsibility that every trustee assumes is important to ensuring you will make the best choice of trustee for your family.

The responsibilities of a trustee include:

  • gathering assets, principal, income and trust accounting
  • safekeeping assets
  • ensuring and managing risk issues
  • preparing, filing and defending tax filings
  • holding, purchasing and selling assets the trust owns
  • determining when, how and with which assets to make distributions
  • protecting assets from creditors and other sources of invasion
  • tracking and monitoring distribution requirements and transfers

Providing these services in a professional way requires not only an extensive education regarding specific trustee responsibilities but also an understanding of how to balance the legal requirements of the trust with the current family situation. Extensive experience allows seasoned Fiduciary Officers at The Trust Company of Oxford to strike the right balance for your family.

It is also important that your trustee have experience with all the various types of trust structures. Our fiduciary professionals have worked with all types of trust structures, from Revocable to Self-Settled Asset Protection Trusts, and understand the intricacies and unique aspects of each. We balance the legal requirements of your trust with the practical implications of the decisions the trustee is required to make every day.

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