Other Fiduciary Roles

Trustee and Personal Representative roles are only part of the professional services you might need to ensure flawless execution of your asset transfer and asset protection plans.

Many sophisticated families have pulled apart traditional trust company roles and created opportunities for targeted expertise in each function needed to protect your family and ensure the goals for your trust are achieved.

Trust Protectors
Trust Protectors provide oversight of the advisors and trustees to the trust. The Trust Protector role can be as narrow or as broad as your family needs to provide the review and flexibility necessary to ensure all advisors and trustees are maintaining the appropriate balance between the goals of the grantors and contemporary family circumstances.

Distribution Advisor
A Distribution Advisor is a check and balance on trustees regarding the distribution of assets from the trust. Having a professional, unbiased and unrelated advisor determine when, how and what to distribute can protect the harmony of the family. This role can be done solely by The Trust Company of Oxford™ or in conjunction with an individual family member or advisor.

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