Bespoke Generational Solutions

Oxford’s Bespoke Generational Solutions is the culmination of over three decades of experience working with hundreds of significant families and estate planning and family office professionals.

Oxford’s Family Office Services team provides you with Bespoke Generational Solutions (BGS) designed to provide your family with the most proactive and forward-thinking planning strategies to secure your legacy for generations to come. BGS involves a methodical four-step process:

Robust Consultation

The process begins with a robust consultation that uncovers the heart of your legacy goals and objectives. This consultative process helps to quantify and prioritize your family’s goals for the protection and creation of wealth for generations to come.

In-Depth Wealth Analysis

As fierce advocates for your family, we then embark on an analysis of your current wealth transfer plan, at a level unparalleled in our industry. This includes an in-depth analysis of your current estate plan. We model your plan in a highly sophisticated estate flow chart that identifies the detailed disposition of your wealth at each generational family line.

The analysis also recognizes that a wealth transfer plan cannot be successful without identifying and quantifying elements of risk. The In-Depth Wealth Analysis assesses whether your goals and objectives may be impeded by risks such as avoidable tax exposures, illiquidity for estate taxes or a lack of proper asset protection. Through this panoramic lens, we then create strategies to enhance the success of your family’s wealth transfer goals.

Your Oxford MasterPlan

With this enhanced understanding of the nuances of your family’s situation, our team of Family Office Fellows creates a dynamic blueprint of recommendations and strategies that address all of your wealth goals and objectives. We call this your Oxford MasterPlan. Defying a one-size-fits-all approach to planning, your MasterPlan provides expert guidance around all key elements of your wealth, including wealth creation strategies, strategies to disinherit the IRS, asset protection strategies and multi-generational legacy and philanthropic planning.

Ongoing Performance Report

Finally, we provide you with an ongoing performance report that quantifies, either in hard dollars or in risk minimization, the positive impact of our strategies and recommendations.

In an industry laden with commoditized wealth management, Bespoke Generational Solutions is Oxford’s highly tailored and personalized approach to managing the wealth of our affluent families.

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