Family Office Services

Your Oxford Managing Director orchestrates the work of family office specialists in diverse areas such as taxation and insurance, estate planning, philanthropy and asset protection.


We offer comprehensive, unbiased advice concerning your financial life and goals, provided by experienced and highly educated professionals devoted to understanding your objectives. Our single-family office service approach helps you organize and deploy your family’s wealth in a way that best meets your objectives, so you can focus on enjoying your life. Oxford’s Family Office Service Team works to support your financial life and legacy.

Bespoke Generational Solutions®

Oxford’s Bespoke Generational Solutions is the culmination of over three decades of experience working with hundreds of significant families and estate planning and family office professionals.

Family Office Fellows

Your Managing Directors are supported by a team of highly-credentialed Family Office Fellows who are dedicated full time to family office services.

M25 Counsel

Oxford’s M25 Counsel oversees three key areas of your portfolio: administrative, strategy and financial coordination.

Swindon Transition Counsel®

The Swindon Transition Counsel is a service that helps business owners who are seeking to transition ownership, control and/or management of their business.


Creating a sustainable family financial legacy using a proven framework.

Professional Fees

We believe that you value independent, unbiased product-neutral advice and that is what Oxford provides.