Mayfair Capital Partners

Creating a true partnership.

Mayfair Capital Partners makes direct private equity investments on Oxford and its clients. The development of Mayfair Capital Partners is an extension of the Mayfair direct investment program, which has been an in-house division of Oxford since 2003, historically managing approximately $800 million of AUM in aggregate exclusively for the benefit of Oxford’s family and institutional clients.

MCP represents a significant commitment of Oxford resources in order to better serve the needs of its client base and meet the growing demand for private equity allocations. We seek control buyout opportunities in businesses with $10 million to $30 million of EBITDA or non-control growth equity investments in companies at or near EBITDA break-even.

Through Oxford’s Mayfair Management Buyout Solution, we create a true partnership by investing on the same terms as our clients and management teams in established, profitable companies.

For more information please contact Ben Ault.


This is not an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to purchase any fund managed by Oxford Financial Group, Ltd.   Such an offer will only be made only by a confidential offering memorandum, a copy of which is available to qualifying potential investors upon request. 

Private companies may be more volatile due to their limited product lines, markets or financial reserves, their susceptibility to competitors’ actions, or major economic downturns. The portfolio companies held by the fund may also depend on the management talents and efforts of a small group of persons and, as a result, the death, disability, resignation or termination of one or more of those persons could have a material adverse impact on the prospective business opportunities and the investments made.

Investment in a privately-held company may require a long-term commitment with no certainty of return of capital. Investments made by clients will in general be highly illiquid, and there can be no assurance that a client will be able to realize on such investments in a timely manner. Because private investment vehicles are not registered investment companies, they are not subject to the same regulatory reporting or oversight as registered entities.  There are numerous risks in investing in these types of securities. Investors should consult the fund’s private placement memorandum and/or other documents explaining such risks prior to investing.


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