The Oxford Difference

Oxford Financial Group, Ltd.™ is the premier multi-family office in the Midwest. Oxford was named the #5 Largest Multi-Family Office in the World by Caproasia in 2020. Oxford was named the #1 Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) by Financial Planning magazine in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and the #5 RIA in 2020 (based upon assets under management).*

One of the largest independent RIA firms in the country with oversight of approximately $26.7 billion in assets under advisement (which includes assets under management), Oxford has 21 Managing Directors in five market offices who serve over 700 family and institutional clients in 37 states.** Oxford is an independent, fee-only firm that is privately held by its partners and has provided multi-generational estate planning advice and forward-thinking investment solutions to families and institutions for more than 39 years. With special expertise in Bespoke Generational Solutions, Aspirational Solutions and Diversifier Strategies, Oxford specializes in serving clients with net worth above $5 million.

Oxford Ranked #5 in Financial Planning Magazine

Oxford has ranked #5 in Financial Planning magazine’s RIA Leaders 2020: Top 15 Firms ranking by AUM.

Oxford Ranked #5
by Caproasia

Oxford was named the #5 Largest Multi-Family Office in the World by Caproasia in 2020.

Oxford’s 2021
Annual Report

In Oxford’s 2021 Annual Report, we share insights from Winston Churchill’s leadership throughout WWII, to inspire us as we face challenges like COVID-19.

View Part 2 of Oxford’s current Form ADV. View Oxford’s Form CRS.

The Financial Planning magazine lists of the 2020 Top 15 Firms and the 2013-2017 Top 150 RIA Firms are based on assets under management as reported in the Form ADV. The lists contain independent fee‐only planning firms. Broker‐dealers, insurance company affiliations and firms with substantial outside ownership stakes held by private equity firms and some outside investors are excluded. The lists do not include roll‐ups, aggregators or turnkey asset management programs. To capture firms that provide true, holistic financial advice to individuals, only firms with more than 50% individual clients, as can be determined through Form ADVs, are included. The rating may not be representative of a client’s experience and is not indicative of future performance. Oxford did not pay a fee for inclusion in the rankings, but may purchase reprints.
*As of 10.1.20
**As of 12.31.19

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