Personal Finance Support

Oxford’s Private Family Services provides the personal finance services support you need when juggling multiple properties and household staff.

Personal finances can be particularly complex when juggling multiple properties and household staff. A dedicated Private Family Services Coordinator can help give you your time back and offer peace of mind that your bills are handled and your expenses monitored. Private Family Services can provide the following services:

  • Reviewing bills for accuracy
  • Paying invoices and bills
  • Preparing period-end bill paying check registers and account roll-forwards
  • Preparing period-end personal financial reports incorporating all cash, credit card and/or investment transactions
  • Preparing variance analysis between actual, budget and historical data
  • Maintaining and reconciling checking accounts and credit card statements
  • Advising regarding cash position and need
  • Processing deposits to bill pay accounts, as needed
  • Paying all quarterly and annual tax payments
  • Maintaining records for each investment account and individually held securities, including tracking cost basis
  • Accumulating tax information to provide to your accountant the necessary data to complete annual income tax returns
  • Summarizing and tracking gifts and other contributions
  • Maintaining and summarizing the status of loans and lines of credit and processing principal and interest payments
  • Tracking and summarizing special expenses
  • Tracking and presenting rental property activity
  • Corresponding with payroll services or initiating the payment of domestic employees
  • Maintaining personal property and casualty insurance policies
  • Developing personal financial forecasts
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