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Oxford Financial Group, LTD


Oxford Financial Group, LTD


Highly Tailored Financial Plans

Creating sophisticated, long-term financial solutions that are highly tailored to your individual needs.

Investment Philosophy

Oxford seeks to achieve your investment goals by preserving and growing your assets over a long-term planning horizon. We believe in building highly diversified portfolios that are resilient and robust across a range of potential economic and financial market outcomes. Our investment process is driven by the assumption that financial markets offer periodic mispriced opportunities for astute investors with access to deep analytical resources and intellectual rigor. In the pursuit of achieving your wealth objectives, we are committed to managing portfolio risks, avoiding conflicts of interest and providing superior levels of communication.

Oxford’s investment advice is guided by the following six core principles:

  1. Success begins with a long-term plan and ends with the failure to follow it.
  2. No one can predict the future. Investment decisions should be a function of value and risk.
  3. Human emotions (greed, fear, panic) will always create opportunities for the disciplined.
  4. If it’s obvious, be skeptical. If it feels uncomfortable, you may be onto something.
  5. Fees and taxes are often the most predictable components of investment returns – and the most controllable.
  6. The only benchmark that truly matters is your success.

We work with you to:

  • develop a clear understanding of your financial goals
  • document your financial goals in a written Investment Policy Statement
  • design strategic and tactical asset allocation policies based on this statement
  • recommend the appropriate managers and investment vehicles
  • monitor performance
  • conduct ongoing due diligence
  • report results
  • recommend changes as required

It’s a rigorous portfolio construction process based on insightful analysis, with the goal of providing you the highest probability of achieving your financial objectives.

What makes our program unique:

Several factors distinguish our investment program from many others in the industry.

  • no conflicts of interest
  • no proprietary investment products
  • dedicated investment research team
  • access to unique investment strategies and analysts
  • unique platform for alternative investments (Savile Row and The Mayfair Initiative MBO)
  • integration of investment and financial planning advice