Like the complex loops of the Swindon roundabout in Wiltshire, England, transitioning your business can be complex, time consuming and full of risk. The Swindon Transition Counsel is a service that helps business owners who are seeking an orderly, financially sound and tax-efficient transition of ownership, control and/or management of their business.

Why consider a transition plan?
​Studies show that 3 out of 4 business owners who transition their business are not satisfied with the results. At Oxford Financial Group, Ltd.TM, we are dedicated to creating positive outcomes for the owners we work with.

Do you want to transition your business sometime in the next 3-10 years? Have you thought about what would happen to your business if something happened to you today?

Swindon Transition Counsel helps you transition your business successfully, on your own terms.

Proven, systematic and structured approach
You have a business to run and may not have time to devote to managing your transition process or team of advisors. That is where Oxford comes in. We have helped many business owners like you transition their business. We work with you to develop a transition plan, keep it on track, create accountability among your advisor team and establish timelines to ensure your transition happens on your schedule. Swindon Transition Counsel is a proven, systematic and structured approach that ensures progress toward your goal.

How we begin
Our first step is to assess your current state, including your timeline, whom you want to transition your business to and how much you want from the transition of your business.

We then help you develop a detailed strategic plan that brings together your business, financial and personal goals.

A positive outcome that you control
Swindon Transition Counsel helps you understand your options and set your goals. We work with you to develop a life after business plan, to help you prepare for the next chapter of your life. To enhance your satisfaction post-transition, we help you identify ways to drive up the value of the business and close the gap between what you have and what you want.