We are pleased to announce that Oxford has ranked #5 in Financial Planning magazine’s RIA Leaders 2020: Top 15 Firms ranking by AUM.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, Oxford feels blessed to report that we have had a record year. We have had zero layoffs and zero pay cuts. We have remained fully functional throughout the pandemic, and are more committed than ever to serving the needs of our clients and advisors. We are all anxious for the end of the pandemic and a return to more normalcy, but we are grateful that no matter what the new normal looks like, we can operate with the same level of detail, care and expertise no matter our circumstances. Our culture is more exceptional than ever, our commitment is deeper than ever and the challenges we face make us stronger than ever.

As Jeffrey Thomasson, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director said, “It has been nothing short of sensational to see our organization step up to a new level of collaboration, coordination, positive attitude and organizational culture in the midst of such a challenging time. It is thanks to our outstanding clients, advisors and staff that we have been able to weather these tough times and come out stronger than ever.”

Thank you for helping us achieve the honor of a top five ranking in Financial Planning magazine. You are why we do what we do.

The Financial Planning magazine lists of the 2020 Top 15 Firms and the 2013-2017 Top 150 RIA Firms are based on assets under management as reported in the Form ADV. The lists contain independent fee‐only planning firms. Broker‐dealers, insurance company affiliations and firms with substantial outside ownership stakes held by private equity firms and some outside investors are excluded. The lists do not include roll‐ups, aggregators or turnkey asset management programs. To capture firms that provide true, holistic financial advice to individuals, only firms with more than 50% individual clients, as can be determined through Form ADVs, are included. The rating may not be representative of a client’s experience and is not indicative of future performance. Oxford did not pay a fee for inclusion in the rankings, but may purchase reprints.