Managing Directors
As an Oxford client, you work with a Managing Director in our firm who is totally committed to your success.

Client Relationship Managers
Our Client Relationship Managers are a group of highly capable professionals who serve as liaisons between you, your Oxford Managing Director, Oxford Investment Fellows, advisors and support staff. Our Client Relationship Managers are truly devoted to making your life easier.

Family Office Services
Your Oxford Managing Director orchestrates the work of Family Office specialists in diverse areas such as taxation and insurance, estate planning, philanthropy and asset protection.

The Trust Company of Oxford™
Your Managing Director is complemented by the expertise of our Fiduciary Officers.

Investment Management Group
Oxford employs research developed by a dedicated team of investment professionals to ensure a consistent philosophy, access to unique opportunities and a personalized experience for you.

Senior Leadership
Our highly qualified Senior Leadership team allows us to professionally manage the business while our Managing Directors focus on providing excellence in client service.