The Oxford Difference

Letter from Jeff

Dear Oxford Friends and Associates,

As we close out 2017, it is important to reflect on our evolution as a firm over the past 36 years. When we were founded in 1981, we set out to provide independent, objective and thoughtful investment counsel. Over the years, we have built upon this principle by nurturing a culture of innovation among our clients, advisors and partners who share our desire for successful outcomes. It has enabled us to hire quality people, identify compelling investment strategies, offer innovative technology solutions and expand the geographic markets we serve.

From the very beginning, our strategy has been deeply rooted in meeting the ever-evolving needs of our clients. And, in the process, we have learned that the real secret to success is not what you say, but in how you listen. Understanding the complex issues and challenges facing wealthy clients takes time and an ability to ask the right questions. When clients articulate their objectives for their family or institution, it is our job to take that information, roll up our sleeves and get to work executing a plan that clearly reflects those goals. In the end, we believe effective listening leads to better advice and ultimately, happier clients. It is what we call the Oxford Way.

As a firm, we have made a commitment to ourselves and to our clients to remain wholly independent—to ensure future generations receive access to the same level of support we provide today. Therefore, every decision we make, every strategic plan we execute and every success or misstep we experience and learn from is integral to our clients’ future as well as our own. Our independence means we will be here for your grandchildren and institutions for decades to come.

Throughout our history, we have responded to the evolving needs of our clients:

  • Investment solutions: We’ve expanded our aspirational investing strategies to accommodate the growing sophistication of clients. Aspirational Strategies like The Mayfair Initiative, Savile Row and Regent Street Solutions provide the opportunity for significantly higher returns on a net fee basis than what clients can access with traditional market-traded securities.
  • Technology: Partnering with Pershing, Oxford’s new preferred custodian, offers improvements in safety and transparency and leverages technological capabilities that help clients gain efficiencies in managing their financial data.
  • People: We’ve continued to grow and strengthen our team with the addition of 17 new professionals.
  • Geographic expansion: A reflection of our Midwestern roots; Oxford is recognized by clients and partners for our integrity, hard work and the value we offer. This reputation has facilitated our growth into new markets beyond our five offices, to 37 states.

At the end of the day we are passionate, independent advisors united by our commitment to delivering the best advice, solutions and support to our clients. Listening to our clients, hiring the right people, supporting innovative investment solutions and leveraging technology to make your life easier. Clients who understand our value proposition appreciate the benefits of partnering with Oxford.

All of this supports our commitment to delivering highly customized service by professionals who share one passion—your success. We are grateful for the clients who we support and the referrals we received from advisors and friends over the past year. In everything that we do, we seek to uphold our core value of putting you first.

Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument | Indianapolis, IN