Private Family Services

Oxford’s Private Family Services provides clients a professional, confidential financial and administrative support system that serves much like a home family office.

You have worked hard to achieve your success, and our Private Family Services team wants to help you enjoy your success doing what you treasure the most, not paying bills, tracking expenses or filing documents.

Our Private Family Services team is a dedicated group of CPAs, MBAs and highly experienced accounting and administrative professionals. You are matched with the appropriate Private Family Services team member to fit your specific needs and works closely with your Managing Director and Client Service team to provide the unparalleled service you have come to expect from Oxford.

Oxford Financial Group, Ltd.’s Private Family Services team works closely with your Managing Director to provide seamless financial and administrative support for you and your family. This professional, confidential support system will allow you to focus on what matters most, whether it’s your business, additional family time, philanthropic pursuits or extensive travel.

Services offered by Oxford’s Private Family Services program are as diverse as our clients. A suite of services is developed for each client to manage specific needs and preferences. Services may be extended to clients’ children or parents. Some common services we provide include:

Administrative Support

  • Developing and maintaining detailed records and filing system for accounts
  • Developing and maintaining household inventory
  • Collecting home mail when client is out of town
  • Arranging for home services and repairs
  • Coordinating travel arrangements
  • Scheduling meeting dates for family and entity meetings

Philanthropic Support

  • Acknowledging charitable requests
  • Serving as a liaison with charitable organizations
  • Maintaining the checkbook and initiating charitable distributions from your foundation
  • Tracking charitable grants and multi-year commitments
  • Setting up charitable gifting accounts for non-foundation gifting
  • Accumulating information necessary for tax return/tax estimates
  • Coordinating and recording foundation meetings

Personal Finance Support

  • Cash flow modeling and expense budgeting
  • Detailed financial and other reporting
  • Managing household finances and bill paying
  • Collecting information for tax returns/estimates
  • Preparing period-end bill paying check registers, account roll-forwards and personal financial reports
  • Corresponding with payroll services or initiating the payment of domestic employees

Family Entity Support

  • Paying all business bills
  • Maintaining cash account balances for all business entities
  • Maintaining records for each investment owned by businesses
  • Determining and making appropriate distributions from all entities to owners
  • Preparing periodic expense summaries and cash flow reports for each entity
  • Accumulating tax information to provide to accountant

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