The best laid financial plans go to waste if not executed appropriately. That is why flawless execution is the linchpin of everything we do. The Family Office Service Technical Team works to:

  • Craft the best plan to meet your unique needs
  • Work with you to be sure you understand all of the options
  • Work through the options with you so you have the information you need to make the right decisions
  • Execute each element of your plan with absolute accuracy and attention to detail

The commitment to flawless execution occasionally requires us to request additional documentation around a particular asset or structure. We work to make the follow up process as easy as possible for you and work to procure necessary information directly from the provider when possible. We ensure that not only do you understand the implications of the strategies you are employing but that the strategies are executed and monitored to ensure your goals are attained. The Trust Company of Oxford is often part of the implementation of the plan and is equally committed to the extraordinary execution of the strategies we recommend.