Oxford has built a team of experts to work with families in every area of their financial lives. This team includes the Oxford Investment Fellows and the Family Office Services Technical Team.

The Family Office Services Technical Team is made up of highly credentialed J.D.s and CPAs with a wealth of practical experience working with families of various worth levels at all stages of their financial life cycle.

Our team of experts provides advice on areas of financial concern ranging from who should own which assets to how to protect children from unintended consequences. We have a wealth of expertise in all areas of planning including:

  • Ownership
  • Spending plans and strategies
  • Savings plans and strategies
  • Target specific savings strategies for education and retirement
  • Risk mitigation and management outside your investment portfolio
  • Philanthropy and charitable giving techniques
  • The transfer of assets to family and multi-generational family members
  • Asset protection wealth transfer plans

We at Oxford understand the necessity of education paired with practical experience. The Family Office Services Technical Team has over 50 years of experience working through the technical and practical implications of the strategies we recommend. Because of our experience and expertise, we can design alternatives to traditional solutions when you need an out of the box solution.