Oxford understands that your family is unique. Lots of thoughtful questions and active listening are key components to what you will experience with Oxford. We bring objectivity to your situation as well as intellect; we are not incented in any way to direct or guide you to a particular strategy or solution.

We believe we will provide value to your family and foster a long-term, consultative relationship if we:

  • Spend the time to understand your situation. Your Managing Director will spend a great deal of time asking you questions, listening and asking follow up questions to ensure we understand your situation.
  • Recommend strong and appropriate solutions. We vet options for you to determine the best mix of solutions to meet your needs. We will talk with you in detail about the options we recommend, as well as those that we do not and why.
  • Work with you to implement those solutions and track progress. Once you feel comfortable making a decision we work through the implementation of the decision with you, including execution and tracking the process.