Discover more about what Oxford offers—a highly personalized and complete range of services that support you in achieving financial excellence.

2019 Annual Report

We BELIEVE that more is always possible, and we are focused and will continue to focus on providing you the bespoke service and innovative solutions you have come to expect.

Overview Brochure

Learn how Oxford helps enhance the financial lives of its individual, family and institutional clients.

Three Good Reasons to Work with Oxford

Specialized expertise, total objectivity and global resources, local talent—these are just a few of the reasons to work with Oxford. Read why we may be the right fit for you and your clients.

Entrepreneurial Services Brochure

Entrepreneurial Services is one of the most practical services Oxford provides, helping business owners improve their profitability and cash flow through effective cash management and the appropriate use of credit.

The Swindon Transition Counsel

The Swindon Transition Counsel is a service that helps business owners who are seeking an orderly, financially sound and tax-efficient transition of the ownership, control and/or management of their business.

Family Office Services Brochure

The Family Office Services group is committed to enhancing the financial lives of Oxford clients and enriching their family legacies by helping them effectively organize and deploy their wealth.

Family Concierge Service Brochure

Oxford provides seamless financial and administrative support through a suite of services developed to manage each client’s specific needs and preferences.

Institutional Offerings Brochure

Foundations, endowments and other institutional clients benefit from Oxford’s objectivity and broad reach.

Investment Advisory Services Brochure

Oxford first works with clients to define their financial objectives and constraints. From there, Oxford works to find the right money manager for their needs.

M25 Counsel Brochure

Oxford’s M25 Counsel looks beyond the assets Oxford is charged with supervising to build an integrated view of a client’s entire, multi-generational asset portfolio.

Multi-Generational Advisory Brochure

Oxford’s multi-generational advisory services begin by establishing clear legacy objectives as part of a client’s financial master plan. These services include family trusts, revocable and irrevocable trusts and philanthropic planning.

Trust Services Brochure

Oxford established The Trust Company of Oxford™ to serve as an independent third party that acts in a fiduciary role—as a custodian of certain assets or as a trustee or a co-trustee of a trust.