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Oxford Financial Group, LTD


Oxford Financial Group, LTD


Oxford Financial Group, LTD

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Portfolio Construction

Oxford designs and constructs portfolios based on a “total return” approach to investing, which incorporates both income and capital appreciation. We allocate across a global range of investment strategies and use third-party money managers, rather than proprietary strategies managed in-house. In addition, we place particular emphasis on controlling costs and fees and managing tax liability.

Two critical elements of portfolio construction are asset allocation and manager selection.

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is the primary determinant of portfolio return.

  • Unique to You: An appropriate asset allocation is determined by attributes unique to each investor (return requirements, risk tolerance, investment constraints, etc.) as well as thoughtful analysis of the capital markets.
  • Low Correlation: Appropriate diversification is a primary goal of asset allocation. This is achieved by investing in strategies with independent return patterns – often referred to as low correlation.
  • Tactical Asset Allocation: At times, the capital markets offer opportunities for astute investors either through the “mispricing” of securities or through market dislocations. These opportunities can lead to periodic deviations from long-term asset allocation targets, either for return enhancement or risk control. This process is often referred to as “tactical asset allocation.”