Forging a Path for Growth

Quality of Our Staff

At Oxford, we believe that the quality of support we provide our clients is only as good as the people delivering it. That’s why hiring and nurturing the right people is a top priority. We look for professionals who share our passion and want the personal growth opportunities offered by an independent investment firm.

With five offices located across the Midwest—Chicago, Cincinnati, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis and Twin Cities—we have access to a rich pool of talent. Technology enables us to connect, collaborate and communicate with employees in multiple locations. As a result, we have the unique ability to draw highly credentialed applicants by reducing geographic limitations.

Hiring the best and brightest people provides us with the intellectual capital needed to find innovative solutions to our clients’ evolving wealth management needs. We look for highly motivated individuals who seek professional growth, personal fulfillment and a shared commitment to client outcomes and investment performance. Today, our team is comprised of 20 Managing Directors, 8 JDs, 25 Certified Financial Planner™ professionals, 9 CFA charterholders and 8 CPAs.

We have had strong success attracting young professionals from large banks and brokerage firms. Industry professionals increasingly see the value in forging personal connections over transaction-based relationships prevalent at banks and brokerage houses. At Oxford, we focus on doing what’s best for clients. We get to know them and their families personally and build our process around what they want to accomplish with their wealth.

A core focus at Oxford is the creation of an internal career path within the firm. Helping our employees fulfill their professional development goals means providing them with the support they need to explore new opportunities to advance within the firm.

Oxford is committed to supporting a culture of collaboration among our staff. In turn, our clients benefit from the collective expertise and insight of an entire team, not just a single advisor. Every decision we make on behalf of a client’s portfolio is evaluated for its benefits, risks, tax implications and overall impact to their wealth. All of this is what makes us uniquely qualified to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

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