Niche Growth Strategies: Specialized Investing Solutions

Niche Growth Strategies

Niche growth strategies offer another specialized investing solution that seeks to enhance returns by exploiting lucrative areas of the markets. Our focus is to identify unique investing strategies that may enhance a portfolio’s return over a complete market cycle. Diversification benefits, if any, are a secondary objective.

These strategies may have an extremely narrow focus. Therefore, a given strategy may be highly concentrated in a certain industry or sector. These investments are semi-illiquid and provide periodic opportunities to partially or totally redeem from the position.

These strategies often feature smaller funds that have not outgrown their capacity to deploy capital in their specific niche. In addition, the portfolio teams responsible for the management of the fund often have a significant portion of their personal liquid wealth committed to the same funds in which our clients are invested. This provides a strong alignment of interest.

Oxford’s evolution is firmly rooted in our pursuit of innovative investment solutions that support our clients’ evolving wealth objectives. Over time, we have refined our approach and expanded the solutions we recommend. These private investments require unique research competencies and experience, representing opportunities our clients often cannot access on their own. We carefully evaluate the playing field to identify attractive opportunities with skillful managers.

As stewards of their wealth, our clients understand that our commitment to innovation, insightful guidance and customized support is integral to growing, preserving and transferring wealth to the next generation. We believe it is why individuals and families choose Oxford as their partner.

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