Advocates for your family's legacy

Multi-Generational Planning

Statistics suggest that wealth passing from one generation to the next is at a 90% risk of disappearing by the third generation.1 Families with significant assets require wealth transfer strategies that span multiple generations. At Oxford, we embrace the philosophy that we are not serving a single individual. Rather, we are supporting the complex financial needs of a family.

Multi-generational planning is all about protecting a family’s wealth in perpetuity—it’s why we involve the entire family in the planning process at Oxford. Family meetings provide a forum where we can engage younger generations in a dialogue to understand their own unique challenges. Statistics further show that when heirs are not properly groomed to manage future wealth distributions, there is a 70% chance that one of the heirs will be divested of their inheritance.2

Educating heirs and preparing them in advance creates peace of mind and confidence in the family’s legacy plan. We find that when children are involved in the planning process they tend to take ownership and embrace the plan as their own.

In families with a strong history of philanthropy, multi-generational planning can also provide a means to pass on key values to subsequent generations. We encourage our families to craft a Legacy Letter for their future descendants, articulating guideposts for the family’s enduring philanthropic and charitable values. This is an effective way to help future generations honor the family’s principles and traditions.

There can also be tremendous tax advantages involved in multi-generational planning. Dissipating wealth to taxes undermines the family’s ability to achieve legacy goals and is counterproductive to sustainable wealth. Strategically allocating wealth across multiple generations can be a very effective tax management strategy.

Only one in five advisors are likely to build relationships with their client’s younger family members.3 At Oxford, your entire family is our client from the onset. Your family’s goals and concerns are always paramount and delivering solutions and support is the heart of what we do. It’s why we call ourselves ‘advocates’ for your family’s legacy.

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