A Tailored Approach to Family Office Services

Supporting The Evolving Single Family Office

Many Single Family Offices (SFOs) are facing unique challenges. Creating efficiencies and sustainability has become increasingly difficult. SFOs must deal with complex compliance requirements and finding the right expertise amid a pervasive talent shortage.

Additionally, as each successive generation grows in size, many SFOs are finding their initial infrastructure unable to manage the increased demand. Maturing CFOs and CIOs further require the development of complex and well-designed succession plans in order to successfully transition operations.

In the past, SFOs have sought sustainability and economies by combining with other SFOs to form Multiple Family Offices (MFOs). Transitioning to an MFO, however, can be compared to a family business bringing in a new partner. Integration can go very well…or often quite poorly.

Many wealthy families are therefore choosing to explore other options to manage their family wealth. Leveraging the resources of an independent RIA firm such as Oxford Financial Group, Ltd. is an effective solution. Oxford’s Family Office Services provide outsourced expertise in strategic tax and wealth transfer planning, sophisticated financial planning solutions and trust services. We also assist the SFO, MFO and individual families with other matters from cash flow management to concierge services.

Oxford’s Family Office Services are not only for the formal SFO or MFO. All of our family clients can benefit from the efficiencies and conveniences these services provide. Our depth of expertise includes attorneys, CPAs, skilled fiduciary professionals and Certified Financial Planner™ practitioners, all well-practiced estate and tax planning professionals.

As your family’s needs evolve, your Oxford team collaborates with your entire team of advisors to assure the ongoing protection of your family’s wealth transfer plan. Oxford provides the compliance plan for your family’s legacy plan, allowing you to preserve not only your valuables but also your values for generations to come.

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