Effective Listening Leads to Better Outcomes


Since our founding in 1981, we’ve witnessed market ups and downs, economic booms and busts and dramatic technological innovation. And through it all, we have never lost sight of our founding principles—to help clients create, grow and protect wealth through independent, unbiased advice and support.

At the root of our success is our ability to effectively listen—it’s a quality that is embedded in our workplace culture at Oxford. There is no “one way” to provide investment advice. Rather, we believe those who embrace the “art” of listening are more attentive, responsive and compassionate professionals, which in turn leads to better financial outcomes for our clients. The power of effective listening helps us to:

  • Deliver better advice. We conduct multiple face to-face meetings with our clients each year—engaging in critical dialogue helps us understand their unique challenges and create a plan that exceeds expectations.
  • Bring new, improved investment solutions to fruition. Over the years, we’ve expanded our menu of sophisticated investment solutions that address the increasingly complex needs of our clients.
  • Leverage client-centric technology. We recognize the value in transforming the client experience by streamlining data access, supporting collaboration between advisor and client, reducing risk and increasing day-to-day efficiencies.
  • Hire seasoned professionals. We foster an environment of collaboration that encourages our specialists to exchange insights and ideas in an effort to achieve your wealth goals.

We are honored to be the #1 RIA by Financial Planning magazine over the past five consecutive years. It demonstrates that our dedication to delivering high-quality, conflict-free advice resonates with clients. This distinction also supports our efforts in forging relationships with highly specialized asset managers in aspirational and niche growth investing. Our reputation as a forward-thinking firm allows us to negotiate more attractive fees on behalf of our clients.

We remain focused on upholding our commitment to our institutional and private clients through meaningful advice, sophisticated investment offerings and client-centric technology. It has defined us over the past three decades and will remain our passion for generations to come.

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