Oxford was founded over 37 years ago with a vision to create an entity that was larger than its shareholders: to nurture an organization to make it stronger and more thoughtful, to allow for a collection of brilliant colleagues to enhance the ongoing value of the firm and to continue our commitment to independent partner owners for many years to come.

There are several foundational principles upon which Oxford was built and still stands. Our unwavering belief in and commitment to transparency and independence are foremost among them. We provide our clients service without bias, counsel without conflict and advice based only on our clients’ best interests. Our service model is in stark contrast to most in our industry.

We remain committed to preserving Oxford’s great legacy of independence for generations. We have taken active measures to ensure independence and a smooth transition of leadership for a long time to come.

Oxford, at its very core, is thoughtful, insightful and committed.

  • We are thoughtful in the way we provide each client sound advice and unparalleled service.
  • We are insightful in the way we provide each client unique perspective and unbiased counsel.
  • We are committed to excellence for generations to come, for both our clients and ourselves, in the way we work to enhance their financial lives while ensuring and enriching the legacies of their families.

We provide all of this through our rare, unique combination of global capabilities and Midwestern sensibilities.